Making Strategic Innovation and Change Happen

Ithaca (June 11 - 13, 2020) Course Cost US$2995.00

Course Focus

This course is about strategic innovation, change and the designing of effective management practices. Innovation involves taking new knowledge and turning it into new products, processes, services or business models. How successful an organization is in doing so depends on its ability to recognize important opportunities and change while maintaining and exploiting the existing business simultaneously. Hence, to innovate is to change and becoming an effective manager of change is the focus of this course. We will explore the challenges and trends that are driving change, discuss the variety of innovation types available to firms, and explore the process of diffusing innovation.

Key Benefits

Participants will examine emerging opportunities in the hospitality context, and the nature and types of innovations available. The drivers and resistors of change and the process of introducing change will be considered using cases and a change simulation. The course will improve the participants ability to develop innovations and build a sound change management strategy to implement new ideas. The challenges of managing resistance will also be explored.

Topics Include

  • Origins and sources of innovation
  • Idea generation, types of innovation and the value of lead users
  • Disruption and change
  • Business model innovation
  • Selling and exploiting innovation
  • Building a change management process
  • Handling resistance to change

*Participants who have attended “Innovation and Change Management should not attend this course due to significant overlap of course material.

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