The Financial Implications of Innovation - NEW!

Course Focus


As we all know, resources are needed to implement ideas, innovations and projects, but they are limited and costly. As such, these resources are allocated by hospitality managers to the most valuable projects. This course explores the tools of financial valuation and their role in decisions faced by hospitality managers, entrepreneurs, and investors. You will explore the sources and drivers of value of hospitality projects, the benefits and the drawbacks of growth, and the financial implications of various hospitality initiatives.

Key Benefits

This course will show you how to make a convincing case to advance your projects and make them attractive to more senior decision makers or outside investors. It will help you to plan for unanticipated changes in competitors’ actions, changes in demand and supply conditions, changes in the economy and changes in the financial market. In addition, you will understand the financial implications associated with growth and the innovations implemented by you and by other hospitality managers.

Topics Include

  • Identifying the costs and sources of the resources needed to implement hospitality projects
  • Evaluating the relevant cash flows associated with hospitality projects
  • Determining the sources and costs associated with both internal and external financing
  • Examining the drivers of value and the sensitivity of value creation to unexpected events

Level A

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