Entrepreneurial Behavior as a Path to Innovation and Growth - NEW!

School of Hotel Administration (June 24 - 26, 2019) Course Cost US$2895.00

Course Focus

Course Focus: This course will help participants understand how to find new paths to innovation and growth in three ways. First, understanding the behaviors and thought processes unique to entrepreneurs. Second, incorporating entrepreneurial thinking and behavior into a process of new market discovery. Third, a brief overview of tools that can be utilized to manage the process.

Key Benefits

  1. Discover what “thinking like an entrepreneur” means
  2. Understand when and how to incorporate entrepreneurial behavior and thinking into the innovation process.
  3. Understanding a managed, repeatable process for creating new markets and opportunities.

Topics Include

  • How entrepreneurs think and behave
  • Connecting entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Value proposition design
  • Business model generation
  • Opportunity recognition and ideation
  • Tools include Ethnography and The Business Model Canvas


Level A

*Participants who have attended “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Existing Organizations” or “Tools for Entrepreneurs and Innovators” should not attend this course due to significant overlap of course material.

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