Optimizing Your Food and Beverage Menu

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Course Focus

Your menu does so much more than inform guests about what you offer. It helps to create and communicate your food and beverage operation’s identity, and influences your guests’ choices.

This course will enable you to evaluate menus and identify changes that will optimize the value and profitability of your food and beverage operation.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is ideal for individuals involved in the operation and financial performance of a restaurant or food and beverage service, from line-level employees through general management; individuals who are new to the food and beverage industry and need to learn more about the specifics around restaurant operations; and students from every continent and from a diverse range of organizations, including franchisees, managed service contractors such as stadiums or arenas, hospitals, airlines and caterers. Students who do not work in restaurants but need to be conversant in operations of food and beverage providers will also benefit from this course.

Topics Include

  • Identifying the key inputs that impact menu decisions
  • Evaluating your menu’s content, size and organization
  • Assessing your menu’s pricing
  • Evaluating your menu’s design
  • Evaluating your menu’s performance and identifying changes to optimize effectiveness


Course Cost US$769
Hours to Complete Course: 6.0
CEUS earned 0.6
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