Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy for Services

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Course Focus

It cannot be said enough: A marketing strategy lives or dies in communication with the customer. In addition, there is a methodology to it—it is the culmination of all of the marketing research and analysis you've done. What you say, how you say it, how often you say it, the media channels you use to distribute your message, how you respond to complaints—all of this affects customers’ experiences with your brand.

In this course, you'll take a deep dive into integrated marketing communications, or IMC. You'll explore a process-based approach to designing creative communications using a variety of methods and media. Finally, you'll examine ways to assess the performance of an IMC campaign.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is appropriate for services marketing and operations professionals; industry professionals interested in analyzing services marketing data to make strategic decisions; services marketing managers and professionals who interact directly and communicate with customers; and product marketing professionals transitioning into a marketing role in service-centric firms.

Key Benefits

Participants who complete this course will be able to...

  • Identify communications objectives
  • Use a process-based approach for planning and designing creative marketing communications
  • Select the right integrated marketing communications methods and media
  • Determine the success of marketing communications campaigns

Topics Include

Module 1: Identifying Marketing Communications Objectives

  • What is Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)?
  • Challenges with Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Trends in Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Communicating the Service Promise
  • How Do Customers Think about Your Service Brand?
    • Positively Affecting Consumer Attitudes about a Brand
    • Persuading Informed Consumers

Module 2: Using a Process-based Approach for Planning and Designing Creative Marketing Communications

  • The IMC toolkit
  • What are IMC Decision Factors and What is Their Role in IMC Planning
    • Setting IMC Objectives and Budgets
    • IMC Campaign Planning and the 6 M's of Advertising
    • What is Motive in the Context of IMC Planning
    • IMC Message Challenges for Services: Intangibility
  • IMC Message Execution: Appealing to Customers
    • IMC Message Structure and Format
  • What Types of Media Should You Consider for an IMC Campaign

Module 3: Selecting the Right Integrated Marketing Communications Methods and Media

  • The Role of Advertising in an IMC Campaign
    • Is Product Placement Right for Your Brand
  • The Power Public Relations as Communication Strategy
    • Does Sales Promotion Have a Place in an IMC Campaign
  • Leveraging Personal Selling as a Marketing Communications Tool
  • Targeting Specific Customer Profiles with Direct Marketing
  • Web Marketing: Is Your Web Site a Content Rich Experience
  • Managing Consumer-Generated Content
    • Social Media Marketing: How Effective is Your Social Media Presence

Module 4: Determining the Success of Marketing Communications Campaigns

  • Return on Marketing
  • Measuring Impressions and Awareness
  • Measuring Interest and Engagement
  • Measuring Attitudes
  • Measuring Action
  • Measuring Loyalty
  • Means for Measurement


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Hours to Complete Course: 6.0
CEUS earned 0.6
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