Developing a Service Strategy and Managing the Brand

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Course Focus

You are ready to execute your marketing goals; perhaps you want to increase market share, retain more customers or generally broaden consumer awareness. How do you turn your goals into action and how will you measure success?

In this course, you will explore how to turn marketing goals into action by developing a marketing strategy and creating an enduring brand promise.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is appropriate for services marketing and operations professionals; industry professionals interested in analyzing services marketing data to make strategic decisions; services marketing managers and professionals who interact directly and communicate with customers; and product marketing professionals transitioning into a marketing role in service-centric firms.

Key Benefits

Participants who complete this course will be able to...

  • Turn marketing goals into action
  • Utilize innovation as a strategy to capture new business
  • Apply a systematic process to the development of new services
  • Analyze your brand
  • Design the customer's experience
  • Manage your brand

Topics Include

Module 1: Turning Marketing Goals into Action

  • Values, Mission, and Competitive Strategy
  • Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • What is Marketing Strategy?

Module 2: Utilizing Innovation as a Strategy to Capture New Business

  • Develop Innovative Services
  • New Service Development – from Core Product to Design

Module 3: Applying a Systematic Process to the Development of New Services

  • A New Service Development Process: Overview
  • A New Service Development Process: Front End Planning
  • A New Service Development Process: Implementation
  • The Product Life Cycle

Module 4: Analyzing Your Brand

  • What is a Brand?
  • Branding Decisions: Brand Sponsorship
  • Brand-Building Strategies
  • The Brand Promise
  • What is Experiential Branding?

Module 5: Designing the Customer’s Experience

  • Your Service Story: Service as Theater
  • Avoiding the Commoditization Trap in Experience Design
  • Experiential Marketing: A New Way to Think about Services
  • Designing Memorable Experiences

Module 6: Managing Your Brand

  • Brand Management and the 3Ps of Service
  • Service Blueprinting and Customer Journey Mapping
  • Components in and Examples of Service Blueprints


Course Cost US$769
Hours to Complete Course: 6.0
CEUS earned 0.6
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