Building a Resilient Services Marketing Information System

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Course Focus

Information is essential in order for your services marketing efforts to succeed. Without relevant and accurate information, every decision you make will suffer from bad input.

A well-run marketing information system captures, organizes, analyzes, and interprets data from a wide variety of sources to create a robust portrait of the ideal customers and their specific wants or needs. With the ideal buyer in mind, you can better target them with high-impact messaging that communicates a compelling brand promise and a clear reason to buy.

In this course, you will learn when to use internal or external market data and when to conduct your own primary research. You'll also discover how segmentation, targeting, and positioning (the STP process) translates your analysis and research findings into a positioning strategy that appeals to the right target market at the right time and at the right price.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is appropriate for services marketing and operations professionals; industry professionals interested in analyzing services marketing data to make strategic decisions; services marketing managers and professionals who interact directly and communicate with customers; and product marketing professionals transitioning into a marketing role in service-centric firms.

Key Benefits

Participants who complete this course will be able to...

  • Identify the components of a services marketing information system
  • Conduct services marketing research
  • Segment your market, target your customers, and position your service

Topics Include

Module 1: Identifying the Components of a Services Marketing Information System

  • What is a Services Marketing Information System?
  • Types of Existing Internal Marketing Data Sources
  • Using Marketing Intelligence to Capture Data about Your Market and Competitors
  • Marketing Research: What Is It and When Should You Do It?

Module 2: Conducting Services Marketing Research

  • Defining the Research Problem and Objective
  • Approaches to Primary Research: An Overview
  • Using Surveys as a Market Research Tool
  • When Is It Time to Use Experimental Research?
  • Why You Should Avoid Relying on One Marketing Research Tool

Module 3: Segmenting Your Market, Targeting Your Customers, and Positioning Your Service

  • Overview of Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
  • Why Psychographics Matter
  • Developing A Positioning Strategy
  • How to Write Market Positioning Statements


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Hours to Complete Course: 6.0
CEUS earned 0.6
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