Motivating People for High Performance

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Course Focus

Leaders are responsible for encouraging the highest possible performance from their employees. Most leaders recognize that motivation is a key driver of high performance. Few leaders are skilled at choosing the right combination of approaches and tools to motivate all of their people. Cornell University Professor Risa Mish provides a learning experience that builds on the important premise that not all individuals are motivated by the same things, and some might be demotivated by the same conditions or incentives that motivate others. This course prepares leaders to analyze performance problems and assess whether they actually can be attributed to a lack of motivation or to one of several other root causes.

When students determine that poor workplace performance is indeed caused by a lack of motivation, they will use the motivation techniques that will be most effective for all the people involved. Leveraging the work of two American social psychologists to address the factors that may be demotivating people, students will learn how to increase the factors that do motivate people and improve workplace performance. Students will also use the three primary drivers of human motivation to foster better performance on the job.

Who Should Take this Course?

This courses is intended for leaders who need to improve and sustain the performance and engagement levels of individuals and teams by creating conditions that motivate each of their people. New, mid- or senior-level leaders at organizations across all industries, from public, private, nonprofit and NGOs.

Key Benefits

Participants who complete this course will be able to...

  • Identify your personal primary driver for motivation
  • Conduct a root-cause analysis for an individual with performance gaps
  • Evaluate factors that undermine employee motivation and engagement in your organization
  • Use the three critical primary motivation drivers to tailor your approach to motivation
  • Enhance the conditions for an individual that make optimal use of that person’s key motivation driver

Topics Include

Module 1: Analyze a Suspected Motivation Problem

Module 2: Solve the Right Problem

Module 3: Use the Drivers of Motivation


Course Cost US$769
Hours to Complete Course: 10.0
CEUS earned 1.0
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