Quality and Service Excellence

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Course Focus

In this course, you will develop measures and standards of service quality, devise employee-related practices that improve learning and outcomes, and evaluate different approaches to process improvement, based on the research and expertise of SHA's Professor Rohit Verma, Ph.D. Using tools provided in this course, you will be able to evaluate operational, employee, and finance-related decisions and their impact on organizational performance. With the completion of an action plan at the end of the course project, you will be ready to apply what you learn to your own organization.

Who should take this course?

This course is intended for anyone enrolled in eCornell’s Leadership Certificate; professionals with over 3 years of leadership experience, working at or aspiring toward executive leadership roles. This includes mid- to upper-level managers, high potentials, and senior leaders, learners from every continent and from a diverse range of organizations, including for profits large and small, NGOs, and governmental agencies.

Key Benefits

Participants who complete this course will be able to...

  • Develop measures and standards of service quality that are consistent with the expectations of internal and external customers
  • Devise employee-related practices that improve your organization and thereby enhance service outcomes to customers
  • Evaluate the commodities, differences, and tradeoffs of different approaches to process improvement
  • Recognize the constraints of commonly used approaches for measuring financial performance and develop alternatives that promote sustained quality and service excellence

Topics Include

Module 1 - Defining Quality

  1. Evolution of Quality
  2. Measuring Quality for Commodities and Goods
  3. Measuring Quality for Services and Experiences
  4. Taking a Holistic View of Quality

Module 2 - Fostering Customer Focus

  1. Linking Satisfaction to Loyalty
  2. Examining Customer Expectations and Preceptions of Quality
  3. Best Practices Ensuring a Customer Focus
  4. Compare Quality from Customers' Perspectives

Module 3 - Supporting Employee Focus

  1. Identifying the Service-Profit Chain
  2. Determining Use of Standardization, Scripting, and Customization
  3. Empowering Employees and Improvising Action
  4. Best Practices for Ensuring an Employee Focus

Module 4 - Promoting Process Focus

  1. Promoting Process Thinking
  2. Identifying Workflows and Bottlenecks
  3. Fostering Lean Thinking
  4. Recognizing Variability and Impact on Quality
  5. Recognizing Processes That Create High-Quality Products

Module 5 - Analyzing Outcomes and Thinking Strategically

  1. Evaluating Market Outcomes
  2. Focusing on Employee Outcomes
  3. Surveying Learning and Innovation Outcomes
  4. Develop a Comprehensive Quality Framework


Course Cost US$769
Hours to Complete Course: 6.0
CEUS earned 0.6
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