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Marketing includes the numerous ways you communicate, differentiate, and reinforce your hospitality brand promise to potential customers. The world of new media hospitality marketing is opening doors no one knew existed, driving customer engagement, feedback, and endorsements faster than ever. Become an expert now or get left behind.

This certificate consists of five two-week courses that provide you with fundamental hospitality marketing concepts and principles, focused on the world of new media marketing. Through best practices and industry case studies, you’ll contextualize these concepts and lay a solid foundation for applying them to your workplace. You can complete all of the courses in this program and earn your certificate in as little as three months, spending five to seven hours per course.

The courses in this certificate will equip you to…

  • Assess the role of marketing in your organization
  • Identify how your organization can best counter the challenges associated with marketing for services
  • Discover how to make pricing more variable
  • Know how to react to customers’ perceptions of fairness regarding pricing policies
  • Understand how online travel agents provide value for consumers and suppliers alike
  • Effectively use search engine marketing
  • Create a promotional plan for a hospitality product or service
  • Design your own effective, product-specific advertising campaign
  • Maintain and enhance customer value
  • Organize your firm for long-term competitiveness

Certificate Information

This certificate has 5 online courses requiring ~30 hours to complete.

Please note in this series Marketing the Hospitality Brand MUST be taken prior to Hospitality Customer Engagement.


Who Should Take This Certificate Series?

This certificate series is designed for hospitality professionals working in revenue-generating roles, or marketing professionals with up to two years of online or new media marketing experience.


Participants who successfully complete all 5 courses in this certificate series will receive a Certificate in Hospitality Digital Marketing from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration.

Participants will also receive .6 Professional Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for each course that is successfully completed.

Price: $3,600.00 (USD)

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