Customer-Centered Brand Marketing for Hospitality

Session Focus

Marketing - more than any other business function - connects consumers to hospitality companies. Marketing identifies profitable target markets. Marketing crafts competitive positioning strategies and articulates the brand promise. Marketing listens to the voice of the customer to guide service-experience design, management, and measurement. Marketing attracts consumer attention and shapes attitudes toward the brand. Marketing monitors guest satisfaction with the service experience and fosters guest loyalty. Thus, it is critical for you to understand how customer-centered brand marketing integrates the activities of hospitality organizations to create value for guests.

Key Benefits

Adopt a customer-centered, strategic-branding orientation to develop a keen sense for how brand marketing influences most every aspect of hospitality production, from design of the hospitality experience to operations and human resources activities.

Acquire a new lens for seeing how guests perceive the hospitality product and for making more tactical operational and marketing decisions that best build the brand - and enhance guest loyalty

Session Topics

  • Ways to identify, understand, and select target markets
  • An approach for translating guests’ needs and wants into sources of profitable value
  • Methods for mining marketing information from customers, competitors, and the marketing environment
  • A framework for customer experience management
  • Tools for building experiential brands that align the people, processes, and physical evidence strategies of the hospitality organization
  • Designing brand-driven integrated marketing communications, with a focus on new digital media


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