Leadership: Making Your Industry Imprint

Session Focus

“Don’t let your career drive you; let your passion drive your life.” This quote was made by Randy Komisar, a Silicon Valley virtual CEO, when writing about creating an authentic, sustainable, passion-driven career. At any point in your career-life, it is valuable to gain insight into your own plans and goals. We will review the forms of human capital required for success at executive-level positions. In addition, we will explore your own skills, values and passion in shaping a vision for your career and your plan for making your industry imprint. Finally we will review your ‘Leadership Brand,’ as you strategize how to market and position yourself in your network of colleagues, potential employers and potential funders.

Key Benefits

Examine your career plans for leaving your “industry imprint.”

Gain an understanding of how you position yourself as a leader, as well as the brand you personally advertise.

Understand your personal, unique mix of human capital and map this capital onto your strategy for creating a meaningful work-life.

Session Topics

  • What it takes to be successful at the executive level
  • The meaning of meaningful work
  • Visioning your path ten-years out
  • How leaders create and use networks
  • Creating your leadership brand and honing your pitch


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