Managing Change

Session Focus

What does it take to successfully introduce needed organizational changes? To answer this question we will explore effective change management and build strategies for action. How you ready your staff, owners, key stakeholders, and yourself for change is as important as what you change. Many hotel companies around the world have formulated innovative new ideas or practices, but fail in implementation. This session will offer you a well-defined approach to successfully introducing change.

Key Benefits

Gain hands-on-experience introducing a change innovation through use of the Hospitality Change Simulation, developed by Professor Enz. Participants will work in teams to discover how to most effectively introduce a change initiative. This highly engaging experience puts you in the position of using a variety of different strategies all within cost and time constraints. Continuous feedback is provided throughout the simulation.

Understand a three-step process for the effective introduction of change based on an extensive and proven body of literature on the introduction of innovations. Emphasis will be placed on how to implement change. For each step in the change process, you will be provided with specific guidelines for developing a change action plan.

Learn to cope with resistance to change and develop strategies for implementing new ideas.

Session Topics

  • An understanding of what drives change and the process of introducing change
  • An emphasis on how to implement change
  • Developing a sound change management strategy
  • Discovering how to manage reluctant managers and how to move them toward change


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