Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Session Focus

Good strategy creation and execution are the key ingredients in an organization’s recipe for success. This session focuses on how you, as a manager, can guide your hotel in creating sustainable competitive advantage. Our goal is to develop a mastery of the analytical tools to perform analyses of the industry and competitors. Our emphasis will be on translating concepts into action through the use of case analyses and experiential exercises.

Key Benefits

Improve your skills in thinking strategically about the formulation and implementation of strategies to create value and competitive advantage.

Understand key strategic management concepts and ideas.

Learn from a case analysis of a hospitality firm and exercises.

Apply analytical tools to your own hotel to refine your strategic direction and competitive positioning.

Session Topics

  • What is strategy
  • The strategic management process
  • Corporate growth strategies
  • Building sustainable advantage
  • Setting a direction
  • Analysis of the business situation
  • Strategic choices


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