Brand Management: Analysis and Application

Session Focus

The traditional hospitality business model is undergoing massive change from an operations-centric model to a brand-centric model. Brands have become the central organizing principle for most successful hospitality organizations, guiding every decision and every action. This session guides independent and chain-affiliated hotels seeking to maximize the value of their hotel’s brand by addressing important opportunities to build, protect and enhance your most valuable asset. By analyzing the professor’s Harvard Business School case studies, you will learn the essential elements of creating and sustaining a strong brand to increase market share, revenue and profit.

Key Benefits

Individuals that are adept at developing and managing brands well can reap great rewards. Yours may be an independent hotel seeking to break out of an enormously cluttered and confusing brandscape with your own brand, or part of a multi-unit brand doing the same and trying to balance the demands of your brand manager with the pressure of the local market.

In this session you will learn how to diagnose and analyze contemporary brand management challenges facing hospitality brands in order to develop innovative, rigorous, practical and profitable solutions via full length case studies of actual problems facing some of the world’s more respected hotel brands.

Session Topics

  • Analyzing and managing brand loyalty
  • Identifying, evaluating and selecting brand distribution channels
  • Measuring and maximizing brand equity
  • Rejuvenating and focusing brand positioning and brand standards


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