NEW Online Certificates in Data Analytics and Customer-Driven Marketing from the Hotel School and eCornell

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The Hotel School—powered by eCornell—introduces two new online certificates to its growing portfolio for hospitality industry professionals.

The Cornell School of Hotel Administration, in collaboration with eCornell, is proud to announce the launch of two new online certificates to augment its industry-renowned catalog of executive education offerings in hospitality management and business acumen:

Certificate in Data Analytics

Authored by Hotel School professor Chris Anderson, and featuring three online courses, this certificate program exposes you to statistical and scientific methods for data analysis through hands-on exercises, and boasts high-quality video tutorials, preparing you to make sound, evidence-based decisions that drive business performance.

dataParticipants who successfully complete all three courses in this certificate series will receive a Certificate in Data Analytics from Cornell University. Participants will also receive 3.0 Professional Continuing Education Units (CEUs).



Certificate in Customer-Driven Marketing

This six-course online certificate equips you to create a winning marketing strategy that allows you to optimize your high-level brand approach and fine-tune your marketing and communications efforts while enhancing customer engagement, increasing your knowledge of critical analytics, and creating effective pricing and distribution strategies. Authored by Hotel School professor Rob Kwortnik, completion of this program positions you and your organization for marketing success.

services marketingParticipants who successfully complete all six courses in this certificate series will receive a Certificate in Customer-Driven Marketing from Cornell University. Participants will also receive 3.6 Professional Continuing Education Units (CEUs).


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