The 89th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell

Register now to attend HEC 89 and join the conversation around this year’s theme, Food for Thought. The Board of Directors is working tirelessly to couple their affinity for excellent service with the new movement towards a healthier America.

Did you know that 36% of American adults are obese and that experts project that this number will rise to 42% by 2030? Or that nearly 70% of calories consumed come from processed foods? Combine this with the fact that one out of every five meals is eaten in a restaurant, and we’ve got a serious problem that our industry needs to help solve.

What are you doing? Join the conversation March 20-23 at the 89th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell. To register for the conference, please visit the registration site. For more information, please visit

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Chuck Floyd, P '15 and '18

Featured Advisory Board Member: Chuck Floyd, P '15 and '18

Chuck Floyd is the global president of operations for Hyatt...

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Customized Online Programs from Cornell

Discover how Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts worked with Cornell to design and deliver a customized online learning program for its global Directors of Finance. Make it happen for your organization!

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Third Cornell China Real Estate Forum

The Center for Real Estate and Finance and the Club of Beijing held the third Cornell China Forum on December 15th, 2015 in Beijing...

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Sign up now to meet with one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence

Check out our fall line up and sign up to meet with an entrepreneur!

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CIHLER roundtable on Trump Administration

CIHLER roundtable anticipates changes to labor and employment relations under Trump administration

Prominent lawyers, professors, corporate managers, and union leaders gathered for a CIHLER roundtable on April 24 to discuss the direction of hospitality, labor, and employment relations under the Trump administration.

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Edgard Sanchez

Featured EBV Alumnus: Edgard Sanchez

Edgard Sanchez was working a secure warehouse job. A veteran of the U.S. military having transitioned back to civilian life, he could easily have stayed where he was, comfortable in the day-to-day routine of earning a steady paycheck for an honest day’s work. But he knew there was something more for him...

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