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The Cornell School of Hotel Administration, in collaboration with eCornell, recently updated its acclaimed six-course certificate series on hotel real estate investments and asset management for property owners, operators, and lenders.

Authored by Jan A. deRoos, PhD, associate professor and HVS Professor of Hotel Finance and Real Estate at the Hotel School, the series incorporates the best of his Cornell undergraduate, graduate, and executive education coursework over the past two decades into a rigorous global perspective. "My online courses provide students with a convenient way to learn this material," said deRoos. "Participants have access to tools and concepts they can use immediately to increase value in the workplace."

"Professor deRoos is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on hotel real estate in the industry," said Nancy Weislogel, executive director of online learning at the Hotel School. "The demand for this content has grown dramatically over the past two years. We updated the content to align with contemporary capital markets, providing participants with instruction and continued access to complex spreadsheet tools and software that can only be found at Cornell. Due to the online delivery model, we are able to offer year-round, global access to this important subject area."

The six courses focus on three main themes central to maximizing value for hotel property owners, operators, and lenders:

  • The valuation and financing of hotel real estate investments as a key competency for today's decision makers
  • The separation of real estate ownership and control as a vital way to increase value
  • Asset management as a legitimate and respected tool for value creation and value improvement

This certificate provides a rigorous framework for participants to learn the practical aspects of ownership and management of hotel investments, including investment decisions, the negotiation of management contracts, revenue and expense forecasting, valuing hotel intellectual property, and the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve asset management objectives.

"My eCornell courses provide students with a convenient way to learn this material," said deRoos. "Students have access to tools and concepts they can use immediately to increase value in the workplace."

Each course is designed to be both a part of the certificate program and a standalone learning experience. The courses in the series are:

Enrollment is open for all courses. The content is delivered online using eCornell's Structured Flexibility delivery methodology. Each course requires about three to five hours weekly of learning time over a two-week period and is facilitated by an expert instructor to ensure mastery of content and successful application back into the workplace.

Visit the certificate description page for more information or to enroll.

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