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Assessing your personal values is an important part of crafting your personal brand.

Being able to clearly explain your brand story enables you to articulate the value you bring to current or potential employers, colleagues, or investor. In this course, you focus on your professional brand, which means examining your values, your strengths, and the type of work you're most passionate about doing.

Professor Kate Walsh of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration has partnered with eCornell to develop and deliver a free online course titled Career Planning: Craft Your Personal Brand, which will help professionals in every industry gain valuable insights about themselves and the brands they are creating.

"Brand is a critical signal of a professional's expertise and talents. Creating a strategy for making one's professional imprint, and reflecting the strategy in a brand pitch, is part of SHA's world-class curriculum," said Walsh.

The course includes:

  • A straightforward, four-part strategy for creating a compelling brand story
  • A course activity: create your brand story and share feedback with peers
  • Three learning activities to enhance your understanding of what a compelling brand story looks like
  • An evaluation form to download and share with reviewers

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