SHA Digital Signage Information

The School of Hotel Administration (SHA) digital signage system uses the Cornell University-wide CUView system. This system allows content to be uploaded, scheduled, and played on the monitors within the building. The SHA communications department manages digital signs on these five monitors:

  • Auditorium - Located outside of the Statler Auditorium on the first floor near the Office of Student Services
  • S2 - In the MSLC near the south exit (emergency exit)
  • N1 - First monitor in the student lounge
  • N2 - Second monitor in the student lounge
  • 265 - The monitor outside of Statler 265

Other monitors in the MSLC are reserved for library content and are managed by Ken Bolton ( Student clubs and organizations should send their content directly to the CHS, CC student responsible for the club slideshow, not to SHA Communications.

Message content

There are a variety of messages that are appropriate for placement on SHA digital signs:

  • Information about SHA programs and events happening within the school
  • Non-SHA programs and events that are taking place in Statler Auditorium or other SHA spaces
  • Events and programs that are run by SHA students, taking place outside the school
  • University-wide programs and events that could be of interest to SHA students (at the discretion of the SHA communications department)

Placement of all content is at the discretion of the SHA communications department. These types of announcements are generally not appropriate for placement on SHA digital signs:

  • Information and promotion for a specific class (this information can be found elsewhere on websites, etc.)
  • Information about non-SHA events not taking place in the school
  • Events held by students other than SHA students
  • Poorly designed announcements with lack of focus to the message
  • Content that is not formatted correctly for the screens (see below for formatting information)

General tips for getting your content posted

  • Please give us time to post your content. Try not to send us information for events that are happening the same day since we may not have enough time to upload and schedule it. Try to send the information at least a week before your event.
  • Do not expect that we will post information months before your event. We try to keep the information limited to current events. We are happy to receive the content ahead of time, but will post it closer to the event.
  • Communicate when your event is taking place (date and time of day) so that we can schedule it appropriately.
  • Do not expect that your content will be the only content playing. Usually there are several slides playing in a loop on any given monitor.
  • If you do not have the ability to design a slide, you can send us the text and images and we will design a basic slide. You can also download one of our PowerPoint templates as a starting point. (Please see below.)


SHA digital signs should adhere to brand standards, when appropriate. View the new brand standards website. These standards include the SHA logo, fonts, image quality, etc. Our templates adhere to the brand standards. Some announcements won't or can't adhere to the brand standards (such as pre-designed posters), and are still acceptable. The SHA communications department reserves the right to enforce logo and brand standards on your content.

Aspect ratio, resolution, file types

Our screens are 16x9 aspect ratio, just like an HDTV. Content looks best if it is designed at 16x9. Content never looks good when it is stretched or distorted to fit the 16x9 aspect ratio.

We provide templates for designing in PowerPoint at the bottom of this page. However, if you decide not to use one of our templates, follow the directions below to set up your file in PowerPoint or Photoshop.

In PowerPoint, open a new document and go to the Design tab. On the right side, click slide size, then click custom slide size. In the Width box, use a width of 26.67 Inches, and in the Height box, use 15 Inches. (Screen shot below)
Powerpoint setup


In Photoshop, create a new document with a width of 1920 pixels, height of 1080 pixels, and resolution of 72 pixels/inch. (Screen shot below)
Photoshop setup


PowerPoint has an advantage over Photoshop: Text in PowerPoint can be edited by Communications if necessary. This allows us to make corrections to your content so that we can get it posted more quickly.

If you do send finished files, please use JPG, TIFF, or PNG files. PDF files are not compatible with our signage software and need to be converted to another file format before we can use them.


Templates for PowerPoint are provided as a starting point for your sign. Feel free to download them and pick one that works for your content.

Submit slides to:

Cornell also provides support for CUView.