Larry Robinson ’18

Larry Robinson '18

Hometown: Wynnewood, PA

Concentration: Real estate

Why SHA?

From your first day freshman year, you are a part of this intimate, special community while also having the opportunity to experience all that Cornell has to offer. Not to mention that SHA is one of the elite business schools in the world, with an extensive alumni network and near-100-percent job placement. For me, it was a no-brainer.

If you were to offer advice to incoming first-year students, what would you say?

Throughout your first semester on campus and onward, try to meet as many of your fellow SHA students as you can, both classmates and upperclassmen. Even once you find your close-knit group of friends, don’t pigeonhole your network; each new student you connect with could become a close friend, business partner, or co-worker later in life.

What internship has most impacted your career plans?

For my senior project in high school, I reached out to a SHA alum from my area who had encouraged me to look at Cornell for my college plans, and asked him if I could learn more about his business. He invited me to intern for his company, which owns and operates upwards of 50 hotels across the country.