Rudraksh Singh MMH ’17


Rudraksh Singh

Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Why did you choose MMH?

Coming from a background in hospitality, and having pursued a career in hospitality sales, I realized that my true passion lay in understanding the market rather than mere selling. It was with this need for knowledge that I applied for the MMH program.

What were your goals upon starting the program?

My goal upon starting this program was to experience everything that Cornell and Ithaca have to offer—the great weather, Ithaca culture, the gorges, and the greater Cornell University. Apart from that, I wanted to learn everything about becoming a global market manager.

How did your MMH experience reflect diversity?

Cornell University has been known for its diverse student and faculty body and the MMH experience is part of the same story. We have students from many different career backgrounds—including non-hospitality backgrounds—from all ages, genders, countries, and religious beliefs or non-beliefs. Each of us brings in our own perspectives to add to the MMH experience.