Nicholas Meditz, MMH ’17


Nicholas Meditz

Hometown: Canfield, Ohio

Concentration: Self-directed study

How would you describe your level of work experience prior to the MMH program?

Before starting the MMH program, my work experience had been in finance and snowsports instruction. I spent three years at Vail Resorts as a ski instructor and one winter in the southern hemisphere at Portillo Ski Resort in Chile, South America. Before that, I spent almost three years at JPMorgan Chase as a relationship banker.

What was it about the MMH that attracted you? Why did you choose the MMH?

I chose the MMH program for a myriad of reasons. Small class sizes. World-renowned professors. The opportunity to grow with classmates from around the world. The endless resources that would be at my fingertips. And a culture that is hard to describe with words.

What were your goals coming into the program? Did they change as you progressed?

My goal coming into the MMH program was to learn as much as I could, meet as many people as humanly possible, and to build lifelong relationships with incredibly talented individuals. My lifelong goal is to leverage my love for people and skiing and my education in finance to someday own and operate my own ski resort. Since being in the MMH program, my long-term goal has not changed. However, the MMH program has shown me that there are endless paths to reach the same destination. The resources available at Cornell University, coupled with the School of Hotel Administration’s [Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration] outstanding network, has my roadmap constantly changing!