Lauren Feder, MMH ’17

Lauren feder

Lauren Feder

Concentration: Self-directed

How would you describe your level of work experience prior to the MMH program?

I was a junior-level manager in television advertising sales. I came to this program to switch careers.

What was it about the MMH that attracted you? Why did you choose the MMH?

I was looking at other business schools, but the MMH attracted me because it’s unique and specific. I wanted to hone my business skills, but having the focus in hotels would set me apart from other master’s students in the job market. I ultimately chose the MMH because of the dual-degree with CEIBS, giving me the best of both worlds.

Where are you working now? How did your time at Cornell play a role in landing this position?

I am currently looking for a full-time position. Cornell plays an integral role in my job search. The alumni network is extremely helpful and willing to answer emails or schedule phone calls. I have also utilized the on-campus career counselors and connected with employers at campus career fairs.

How has the CEIBS dual-MMH-MBA program helped you professionally?

Because of the dual-degree program, I have an incredible network of friends and connections around the world and have expanded my worldview. I have a deeper understanding of the way people do business outside of the US.