The Hotel School rescinds 2017 Hospitality Icon award

Feb 09, 2018

In 2017, the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, part of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, honored Steve Wynn as our 9th Cornell Hospitality Icon. While we acknowledge Mr. Wynn's innovations in the hotel and casino industries, we have decided to rescind the award, as we can no longer consider Mr. Wynn to be an exemplary role model for the industry and, more importantly, for our students.

We have read with dismay the reports of his sexual misconduct, including the high incidence within his organization. Service employees are particularly vulnerable, and hospitality leaders have a keen responsibility to ensure that they provide a safe working environment for their employees, free from harassment of any kind.

At the School of Hotel Administration, we are taking steps for tomorrow's leaders to acquire the knowledge and skills to create more inclusive working environments. This includes increasing classroom discussions around sexual and other types of harassment, strengthening our coverage of ethics in our curriculum, and encouraging research and conversation about misconduct in the workplace.

On behalf of the Hotel School faculty, staff and students, we feel it important to add our voice to the dialogue around this important issue, and we look forward to a time when all employees, at all levels of an organization, feel safe and valued at work.