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Cornell Study Outlines Improved Hotel Sustainability Benchmarks
July 25, 2016

Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) has released the latest benchmarks from an ongoing international project to create default sustainability data for the global hotel industry...

School of Hotel Administration Center and Institute Leaders Promote Industry Connections
July 21, 2016

School of Hotel Administration Center and Institute Leaders Promote Industry Connections

Cornell Analysis Predicts Likely Boost for Hotel Profits
July 11, 2016

Although the U.S. recovery from the Great Recession has been slow and uneven, unemployment has gradually dropped, and both inflation and labor costs will likely start increasing...

Cornell Analysis Finds Reasons for Upscale Restaurants to Abandon Tipping
July 05, 2016

Recent debates over raising the minimum wage and lowering tip credits have renewed interest in the question of whether restaurants should replace tipping...

Cornell Study Shows Changing Relationship of Supervisors and Employees
June 29, 2016

Fairness is the beginning of a solid relationship between supervisors and employees, but other factors soon become more important, according to a new study...

Chris Anderson Named Director of Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
June 23, 2016

Christopher K. Anderson has been named the new director of the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration (SHA)...

Cornell Roundtable Examines Positive Relationships at Work
June 16, 2016

Positive relationships at work are important to success in the hospitality and service industries, in the view of participants in the Positive Relationships at Work Roundtable...

Cornell Study Highlights Current Status of Hotel Management Contracts
June 01, 2016

Despite the addition of many supporting agreements, today's international hotel management contract bears striking resemblance to the first such contract, signed in 1963 for the Hong Kong Hilton.

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