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Cornell Students Take First Place at Real Estate Case Competition
November 18, 2015

Cornell Students Take First Place at Real Estate Case Competition

Cornell Report Shows Hotel Brand Conversions Can Boost Performance
November 16, 2015

Hotels that convert from one brand to another generally see improved occupancy, revenue, and profit—provided they choose a strong brand that fits their property...

Center for Hospitality Research Reports on the New Science of Service Innovation
November 10, 2015

The trade-off between hotel room rates and search engine results; the importance of top-down innovation in European hotels; the parallel learning curves of guests and employees during organizational c

91st Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell to Explore "The New Normal" and Feature Former Ritz-Carlton President
November 06, 2015

The oldest tradition at SHA enters a new decade as the student body proudly announces the 91st Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell (HEC 91). The student-run conference will take place March 17-20, 2016.

Cornell Analysis Finds Confusion in Recent Supreme Court Employment Decisions
November 05, 2015

Two recent holdings by the U.S. Supreme Court have been hailed as "victories" for employees seeking personal accommodations under civil rights law...

Updated Wine Cellar Management Tool Available from Cornell
October 27, 2015

Six years after the original version was released, the third version of the Wine Cellar Management Tool is available from the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR)...

Cornell Real Estate Case Competition Hits Record High Number of Student Teams
October 27, 2015

The seventh annual Cornell International Real Estate Case Competition attracted a record high number of teams.

Cornell Study Focuses on Ending Human Trafficking
October 15, 2015

Throughout the world, human traffickers use hotels and other hospitality locations to kidnap and exploit their victims, many of whom are children...

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