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Available Search Operators

Type the word you want to find ("Italian") -- or type a phrase ("Italian Restaurant") to find those words, in that order -- in one or more of the text boxes. You can select search operators from the drop-down menus to help make your search more definitive. You can also choose a field to which to restrict any search term by selecting that field in the appropriate drop-down.

Operator Type this... To find...
  italian restaurant a phrase (those words, in that order) in the field(s) chosen.
OR: | italian | restaurant either word (or both) in the field(s) chosen.
AND: & italian & restaurant items that contain both in the field(s) chosen. Items that contain just one of the words will be ignored.
Wildcard: % %al items that contain any characters and "al" in the field(s) chosen. E.g: "Annual," "meal," "Aladdin's Natural Eatery."
Minus: - italian - restaurant items with "italian" in the field(s) chosen but not with restaurant.
With the exception of the wildcard operator "%", do not begin your search text with an operator. E.g: "& dinner" will not produce any results.