About Us

Alison Shea and Ken BoltonLibrarians Alison Shea and Ken Bolton provide valuable research support to students, faculty, and all other members of the School of Hotel Administration (SHA) community. With specialized knowledge of all aspects of the hospitality and real estate industry, Alison and Ken are dedicated to serving the educational interests of the students, and the research and teaching interests of the school's faculty. To contact Alison and Ken, send an email or stop by the Nestlé Library, G80 Statler Hall.

The Nestlé Library resides within the Marriott Student Learning Center, which opened in August 2012. As one of the finest libraries in the hospitality management field, the Nestlé Library is noted for its excellent collection, knowledgeable staff, and service to alumni, industry practitioners, other hospitality schools, and trade associations, as well as SHA students and faculty.

Organized shortly after the founding of the program in hospitality management at Cornell University in 1922, the library is an integral part of the school. The library contributes to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the hospitality industry by connecting faculty members, students, and industry executives with hospitality industry information resources.

For more information, visit our History of the Nestlé Library page.

Library home page photos courtesy of Vanessa Ng.