CRP 5370- Distinguished Speaker Series- Don Reid

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October 05, 2017 4:00 PM  Duration: 2 hour(s)

Don Reid is EVP of Strategy at Seattle-based Sustainable Living Innovations (SLI). Don has a
5 year association with SLI, having previously served as corporate advisor to the SLI
founders. Don has a wide range of experience in energy & power (including renewables),
infrastructure, agriculture and real estate. He is former co-head of Morgan Stanley’s global
investment banking energy business unit. Don is also a 10 year veteran of Goldman Sachs.
He serves on the board of a private metallurgical coal company as well as a private helium
extraction company. In the past, Don also served on the board of a private ground-mount
solar developer. He has US, British and Canadian citizenship.

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Think modular construction is the future? Think Again. See a presentation from SLI, a
disruptive new entrant in multifamily urban infill construction, and learn about their
proprietary, cutting edge manufactured systems process that is just now being deployed in
San Francisco on multiple projects. Initial cost savings and ongoing operating cost savings
run into double digits, and green elements are substantial.


Statler Hall 196


Don Reid
Sustainable Living Innovations


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